Learn more about frAsh and the woman behind the brand.



I n 2003 Isobel Walker & Eiryn Jakob began designing jewellery together. Upon others noticing their pieces and asking where they could be purchased, they decided to pursue the idea further. Wanting to have a label that would reflect the uniqueness of their pieces and materials, predominantly repurposed vintage jewellery - frAsh (ready-to-wear) was born!.

frAsh creates exclusive jewelleries from vintage glamour to modern chic! Today frAsh is quickly becoming a top name in Canadian fashion. Bold and in-demand, frAsh creates exclusive jewelleries from vintage glamour to modern chic. Each frAsh item is designed to transform any outfit into something special. All pieces are made by the artist, a one-of-kind product that is a perfect complement to any unique style.



 Photo Courtesy of Chantelle Slocombe PhotogrpahyThe daughter of an artist and a mother who created an environment where finding your own identity was a must, Isobel Walker`s creative tendencies were discovered at an early age. Her willingness to take risks and be different was nurtured throughout her young life. Designing clothes was the first creative outlet, when at the age of six she received a sewing machine. However it was not until she took a leave from her educational plans at the age of 19 that the inner artist truly emerged.


We sat down with Isobel on September, 16 2011 for a short Q&A session to give the world a better glimpse behind the designer and how the frAsh came to be.

When did you start frAsh ?

I started frAsh with Eiryn Jacob the summer of 2002. I had been working at the Byward Market as a Henna artist and hated my job. She convinced me to quit so we could spend the summer making jewellery.

How did the name frAsh come about ?

It took us a while to finalize a name. We wanted something that we felt represented the pieces we were creating. Being that we were students the only supplies we could really afford was used, or vintage pieces which we would repurpose. This is where frAsh came from - A fresh take on someone else’s trash.

What do you use as inspirations to create new jewellery pieces ?

On any given day I create based on my mood. Based on what I have read, or watched the pieces can be very dark or extremely elegant. I do not draw out my designs I imagine them and what materials I need and then get to work, and modify as I go.

You are originally from Red Deer, Alberta, are there any pieces that you've created that are inspired from your child-hood out west ?

I don’t know that I have ever intended to create an Alberta themed collection, but all my pieces are very personal and I know that my childhood memories have appeared in my work before.

Outside of fashion, what are your passions ?

Chairs. I love mid century modern design aesthetic. I have a list of chairs that I would like to own in my lifetime. As of today I own eight of the chairs on my list.

The painted raven that makes up the iconic portion of the frAsh logo is quite unique, how did this come about ?

It took me a long time to decide on an image that I felt represented frAsh. I have always had an affinity for the raven; it is a bird that represents both light and dark. Some Native North American tribes saw the raven as the bringer of light, and others simply see it as a bad omen due to it’s scavenging nature. frAsh is a line that is built on scavenging, and creating beautiful pieces as a result.

Where do you feel most at home and why?

I feel the most at home while I am creating. Growing up I was always different. I am extremely blessed to have found an outlet that allows me to create and destroy without consequence.

Over the last several years you have gotten married and have given birth to a son. Do you feel that this has change how you create now ?

I remember reading an article about the create process and how a lot of people feel that their creative energy gets drained after starting a family. I can understand where these feelings come from, but for me they are not founded. The only think that has changed in my creative process since starting a family is that I have to save it up as oppose to dropping everything in order to create. The results are the same it’s only the process that has been slightly modified.

Like almost any success story, it has been a long road for you, you have only really started to get recognized in the last few years. What made you stick it out with frAsh?

I am lucky because fashion is ever evolving; therefore there is always something that needs to be made and I love to create.

Was there ever a time where you wanted to give up ?

Everyone has a bad day here and there. But I am blessed to be surrounded by people that support and encourage me.

This year (2011), you have started to create jewellery for Men; Growing up some would have considered you a guys-gal, why has it taken you so long to expand into Men's fashion ?

I have been asked to make Men’s jewellery for some time now and just did not feel inspired. This season my personal style has slowly moved into an androgynous stage and to reflect this I am creating pieces that can be worn by both men and women.

Are there any words that you would make to those who are just starting to get into the fashion industry ?

Be Patient! I read an article that spoke of some of the big names in the fashion industry, and that on average it takes 25 years to see a profit. This holds true to such names as Yves St. Laurent & Marc Jacob, and hopefully will hold true for me to. (only 16 more years!)

One last question before we wrap up. What are your hopes for the future, in & out of the fashion world ?

I have two major dreams that I would love to come true.
1) I would love to leave my children a legacy that they will be proud of and that will continue to grow.
2) I would love to design and build my own home.